In honor of Cinco de Mayo, we're launching our Cocktails page.  First up, of course, is the margarita.

 Chris and Kori's Maine Margaritas

6 parts sweet and sour (see below)
3 parts white tequila (inexpensive brands like Sauza work just fine, or you can splurge and get Don Julio for a real treat)
1.5 parts Cointreau (you can also use Grand Marinier or Triple Sec, but we like Cointreau best)
1.5 parts freshly squeezed lime juice

First, a word on the sweet and sour mix. You may be tempted to buy some off-the-shelf mix for a shortcut, but this is really the secret to a quality margarita. Most of the store mixes are artificial and taste lousy. There are some that are pretty good (such as Rose's Sweet & Sour), but nothing beats fresh homemade mix. Here's how to make it:
Squeeze 1 cup of lime juice and 1 cup of lemon juice.  Go ahead and squeeze the heck out of them.  Get all the juice there is.
Heat 1 cup of water and 1 cup of sugar on the stove until the sugar dissolves.  You don't have to boil it, just heat and stir for a few minutes.
Remove from heat.  Pour the lemon and lime juice into the dissolved sugar water.
Strain into a container.  If this were an episode of Good Eats, we'd give you a tip on something useful to do with the leftover pulp.  But we're thirsty, so just throw it out.
You now have some top quality margarita mix!  Chill the mix in the refrigerator for a while.  There should be enough for four or five batches of margaritas, so you can make it in advance, too.
To make the drinks, just combine the above ingredients and shake with ice.  If each part is an ounce, the measurements perfectly fill a 12 oz. shaker, and should make two generous drinks.

For serving, use a wide rimmed glass such as a margarita glass. Use some of the squeezed limes to wet the rim of a glass, then dunk it in salt (kosher salt is nice and coarse which works well). It's also a good touch to garnish the glass with a slice of lime.  Pour and enjoy!

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