Spring 2008
  • Games organized in the attic
  • Do you have an Avon lady?
  • Nolan does his best Daisuke imitation
  • Fanny watching the sunrise
  • Felix pawing at the cube
  • Chris with a gigantic sandwich from Big G's
  • Kira and Nolan at baseball field
  • Kira in her ballet costume
  • Kira riding bicycle up the driveway
  • Kira and her bike
  • Kira asleep with Moxie
  • Kira's new haircut
  • Kira's tap outfit
  • Kori with kids at UMO
  • Long Pond photo by Glen
  • Nolan at cello solo recital
  • Playroom with Carom board
  • Suzuki kids at University of Maine, Orono

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