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On March 11, 2006, I attended in the Chattahoochee Spring 2006 competition in Alpharetta, Georgia.  This was my first competition since switching to CFOP method.

Chris Hardwick set a world record for blindfold solving the 5x5x5 in 55 minutes.  Shown here is his first attempt.  Here is a video of the actual record-setting attempt.

Leyan Lo also set a new world record for blindfold solving the 3x3x3 in 88 seconds.  A video of the solve can be seen here.  Tyson Mao followed up by almost beating him by one second, but the cube was off by an H-perm.  This valiant but ultimately tragic attempt can be witnessed here.

Kori shows Kira the finer points of operating a Stackmat generation 2 timer.  My family is very patient and accomodating with my speedcubing addiction!

I was happy to place 8th place in the 3x3x3 event.  My fastest single solve was 29.44 seconds, my personal best in an official competition at the time.  I also improved my 4x4x4 time by 20 seconds.  Plus I got to hang out with some serious cube geeks, including a couple guys from Beauty & The Geek Season 2!  There were some very accomplished new cubers, and people travelled from several states to attend the event.

This was a small but well-organized event.  Special thanks to Joy Wang who put this one together.  Everyone had a great time.


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