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Chris Pelley, Competition Organizer

Welcome to the G-Wiz Fall 2006 Rubik's Cube Competition web site.  This competition was held all day Saturday, October 21, 2006 at the G.WIZ Hands-On Science Museum at the Blivas Science & Technology Center in Sarasota, Florida.  Thanks to all who attended.  Also special thanks to G.WIZ for providing a fantastic competition venue.

G.WIZ Competition Area

Full competition results can be viewed here.

Congratulations to Frank Morris...  In addition to winning the competition and sweeping all the cube events, he also set a new world record on the 5x5x5!

Frank Morris, 5x5x5 World Champion

Also congratulations to Chris Hardwick for besting both of his big cube blindfolded records.

Chris Hardwick, 5x5x5 Blindfold and 4x4x4 Blindfold World Record Holder

Finally, congratulations to Richard Patterson for improving his Square-1 national record.

Richard Patterson, Square-1 American Record Holder

This event was recognized by the World Cube Association, and as such followed WCA regulations for competition rules.

Prizes provided by:
K and T Toys, Inc.
G-Wiz Hands-On Science Museum

Photography provided by:
Jason and Allyson Maiolo


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