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Here is the famous puzzle that started the whole craze.   Marketed by Ideal Toy Corporation as "Rubik's Cube," it was originally named "Magic Cube."

Rubik's Cube

Chex Cube

Card Cube

Dozens of variations on Rubik's Cube have been sold.  Shown above are a couple with picture stickers instead of solid colors.

This is the Rubik's Cube Perpetual Calendar.  This very clever arrangement of numbers, letters, and days of the week offers a unique challenge every day of the year!

Perpetual Calendar

Spherical Cube

Shown at left is a spherical version of the cube.  It operates in the same manner, but is a little tricky to align properly when twisting its faces.

Another variant is the Octagonal Barrel, in which four vertical edges of the cube are shaved to create a different shape.  When scrambled, it changes shape as the shaved pieces move around.

Octagonal Barrel


On this version, each corner is shaved to create a 14-sided cuboctahedron.

Rubik's Revenge

Eventually, Ideal released Rubik's Revenge, a 4x4x4 version of the original cube concept.  The mechanism in these was quite fragile, and for many years they became a valuable collectible.  Fortunately they are readily available again today.

The Rubik's Pocket Cube was a 2x2x2 version of the cube for beginners.  Shown here is a more recent reissue called Rubik's Mini Cube.

Rubik's Pocket Cube


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