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The Skewb gets its name from the skewed manner in which the cube turns.  Although it looks tricky, an experienced Skewbist can solve it in about 20 seconds.

Figuring out how to turn the Skewb can be puzzling enough!  Shown at right is the way it rotates.  Like other Meffert puzzles, the Skewb features a ratcheting mechanism that causes it to click into place after each turn.

in mid-twist

Skewb Diamond

Here is a great variation on the Skewb, called the Skewb Diamond.  It is essentially a Skewb that has been shaved into an octahedron.   The diamond centers of the cubic version have been extended to form the vertices of the octahedral shape.  The result is that each of the eight triangular faces rotates 120.  Like the Skewb, each turn cuts the puzzle in half.  It's the same puzzle, but with an excellent twist!


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